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It’s been a little while since our launch now and we’re just about recovering from this mayhem of a summer. We’ve had the pleasure of hosting several stalls at various markets and festivals around London and some further afield as well as getting to know our customers online via the site and social media. Thank you to everyone whose said hello or bought a little something, we are truly grateful for your support 💕

“What do we want? Climate justice. When do we want it? NOW”

This summer has seen a massive cultural shift across the globe. A rising like we’ve never seen before, resulting in the biggest environmental demonstration the world has ever seen. On the 20th of September, we joined the 4 million people across the globe in chanting and marching through the streets, demanding that our governments take the necessary action to stop the ever increasing chances of a climate crisis that we cannot recover from. For those of you who may not be familiar with the #FridaysForFuture movement, founded by Greta Thunberg a Swedish 16-year-old with more passion and determination than many of us have in our little finger, it urges young children to strike every Friday, until the government begin to listen and act. We are heading for a 4-degree increase in global temperature and it is the youth that will suffer from the actions of older generations.
This is the same for those living in less economically developed countries, who have contributed the least to our rising global temperature. Those who are just simply “unlucky” enough to be born in a country that relies on the income of the developed world and have no choice, but to continue to churn out clothes by the second in a factory that rinses its polluted garments into local rivers where communities bathe and drink from. No choice, but to accept our piles of “recycling” in return for money. And no choice, but to deal with the ever-changing climate as “natural” disaster after disaster come crashing down on their homes, not ours.
It is time for our governments to take responsibility for their actions and to think about something other than monetary growth and BLOODY BREXIT.

Series of images from the Global Climate Strike

To leave you on a slightly lighter note, here are some shots from our summer of markets & festivals. It really is so lovely getting to meet you all, talk about our products and see so many of you willing and determined to make the right changes in your life to live more consciously. Every effort counts 💙🌎

Featuring Andrew wearing our David Attenborough tee, Charmaine carrying our String Bag filled with sustainable goodies such as our Coconut Scourers, Luke sporting our Fairtrade cotton cap and Oli purchasing his bamboo toothbrushes and rice husk travel mug – just some of the amazing people we’ve had the pleasure of having to our stalls this summer 🤗

Special thanks to the Mad Hatter’s Affair for having us down and on the Sustainable Lifestyle Panel and to all our lovely family and friends for helping out on the stalls 😘
And for those of you who are yet to come down and have a browse at a market, we will soon be announcing a lovely long list of dates where we will be back out, braving the elements for some super fun Christmas markets & festivals! So watch this space 👀

Lots of love,

Emily & George x