Bamboo Toothbrush (Medium)


A toothbrush can’t last forever, so if we are to use disposable products, let them be biodegradable! The number of plastic toothbrushes that end up in the ocean is devastating, causing all sorts of havoc with marine life. Let’s change this, one gleaming smile at a time!
Medium and soft bristles are available.

● Water-Neutral
● Vegan and Cruelty-Free
● Workers are paid more than double the regional minimum wage, overtime is fully compensated, protective workwear is provided and we personally audit the factories every six months.
● Plastic-free
● Natural
● Chemical-Free


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  • WHO


    Hydrophil = For the love of water. Three friends were on a cycling tour in 2013, when the topic of water scarcity came up. This raised the question as to whether it was possible to manufacture products, which are not only vegan and fair, but also waterneutral.

    “Every sip of tap water can change the world.”





    1. Moso bamboo handle sourced and manufactured in Yiwu city of Zhejiang, China
    2. Bristles and colouring sourced in Europe
    3. Sent from Hydrophil in Hamburg

  • WHAT


    Bristles – Petroleum-free castor oil (a vegetable oil pressed from castor beans!)
    Handle – Moso Bamboo (a fast growing, panda-friendly raw material)
    Colouring – Natural, ecologically degradable water-ink

  • HOW


    Care for Product:
    Store in a dry place.

    End-of-Life Care:
    Toothbrushes should be changed every 3-4 months, or whenever the bristles begin to fray. Luckily for the planet, Hydrophil have developed this fully biodegradable brush, which can be disposed of by repurposing as a paint and cleaning brush, a support stick for small plants or simply compost your brush to let it return to nature!
    If you’d be interested in a subscription where we automatically send you a new brush every 3 months, pop us an email to and we’ll sort that for you! Alternatively, stock up for the year in one go and save on shipping costs and

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