Rice Husk Travel Mug (500ml)


This 500ml rice husk travel cup packs a punch (or tea/coffee!) with the cutest colour range and larger size for those who are never satisfied with just the one cuppa. It can keep your beverages hot at optimum temperature for 90 minutes and being double-walled won’t be too hot to handle on the commute, out for a walk or just in your own home (because who wouldn’t want to use this cutie all the time?!)
Made from biodegradable rice husks, this travel cup is the perfect alternative to those pesky disposable coffee cups!

● Biodegradable (minus non-slip foam sticker)
● Non-toxic, BPA and silicone free
● Leak-proof Flip Lid
● 100% recycled
● Zero waste
● Vegan + Cruelty Free
● Natural
● Organic
● Shipped from China to UK via a slow boat to reduce carbon footprint


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  • WHO


    Lisa began Huski Home in reaction to her 6-year-old son coming home from school explaining how he’d been elected as the eco warrior for his class! This sparked the realisation that we need to make some big changes and do all we can to save the planet, if not for our futures, but our children’s.
    Huski Home focuses on avoiding waste from start to finish. Not only are the final products alternatives to disposables, but the products themselves are created from what would otherwise be classed as “waste.” By-products such as rice and coconut husks are grown in abundance in China and Vietnam and taking advantage of this seems like a super plan to us!





    1. Rice husk sourced in Southern China
    1. Travel cup manufactured in China
    2. Distributed by Huski Home in Kent

  • WHAT


    ● Rice husk
    ● Foam non-slip sticker made from Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate (Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered on how to repurpose this in the “End of Life” section!)
    ● Label made from 100 % recycled paper and natural hemp string

  • HOW


    Directions of Use:
    Now this should be pretty straight forward: Unscrew the lid, pour in your beverage of choice (we personally love an oat milk latte) and off you go!

    Care for Product:
    Please do not put this lil’ guy in the dishwasher! Show him some love and hand wash in warm water (pssst why not check out our coconut kitchen cleaning equipment too, keeping it natural).

    End-of-Life Care:
    We don’t expect that you’ll be needing this info for a very long time! But just in case you decide to use your travel cup as a cricket ball or test out what happens if you run it over multiple times with a car (electric, obvs) then here’s the best way to dispose of the remains. The cup itself can be composted and as for the foam, non-slip sticker on the bottom of the cup, this can be repurposed by peeling off and using as a bumper for that kitchen cupboard that always slams or cut into four and used as non-slip stickers for your laptop. Get creative!

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