Long Handle String Bag (Natural)


Your new best friend! This handy string bag can fold up super small and be kept in your bag at all times, so you’ll never be caught out when shopping! The Fairtrade organic cotton weave expands beautifully to fit in a whole week’s worth of fruit and veggies! More importantly, think of how much plastic waste you would be reducing by making this one small change.
This long handled variation comes in two colours : Natural and Bottle Green. Take your pick!
*Disclaimer: Not suitable for carrying pens or keys!

● Organic Cotton (GOTS certified)
● The production of the of the fabric and farmers must work under safe conditions with an agreed minimum wage
● Fairtrade certified

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  • WHO


    Beth founded Turtle Bags way back in 2001 in reaction to discoveries she made working in ecology. With three main goals, Turtle Bags was created: To tell the story of plastics in our oceans, to source sustainably and to always keep in Fairtrade. The name ‘Turtle Bags’ comes from the devastating truth about Leatherback turtles that swim to our British Waters in search of jellyfish and instead mistake an abundance of plastic bags for food, resulting in tragic consequences. They work with fair trade partners who share our environmental values to supply environmentally friendly bags.




    1.  Organic Cotton sourced and manufactured, Northern India
    2.  Bags Distributed,  Europe
  • WHAT


    100% Organic Cotton

  • HOW


    Care for Product:
    Through usage (and keeping it stowed in your bag where who knows what lives) your Turtle Bag may need a wash from time to time. We recommend hand washing in luke-warm water with a gentle, eco detergent.

    End-of-Life Care:
    These are tough little guys, but if anything were to happen to your Turtle Bag, and a simple stitching won’t suffice, you can recycle
    your bag at any textile recycling bank. Send us an email to hello@weareaube.com if you want some help with this.

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