Coconut Husk Bowl


This is no ordinary bowl, this is a bowl made entirely of a coconut husk (the outside part of the coconut). Perfect for markets, coffee shops or in your own kitchen for those oh-so grammable smoothie bowls, all the while avoiding any single-use, disposable containers completely!

● Biodegradable
● Zero waste
● 100% recycled
● Vegan + Cruelty Free
● Natural
● Organic


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  • WHO


    Lisa began Huski Home in reaction to her 6-year-old son coming home from school explaining how he’d been elected as the eco warrior for his class! This sparked the realisation that we need to make some big changes and do all we can to save the planet, if not for our futures, but our children’s. Huski Home focuses on avoiding waste from start to finish. Not only are the final products alternatives to disposables, but the products themselves are created from what would otherwise be classed as “waste.” By-products such as rice and coconut husks are grown in abundance in China and Vietnam and taking advantage of this seems like a super plan to us!




    1. Coconut husk sourced in Vietnam
    2. Bowl manufactured in China and Vietnam
    3. Distributed by Huski Home in Kent
  • WHAT


    Coconut husk

  • HOW


    Directions of Use:
    Quite simply, whip this bad boy out at markets, coffee shops or in your own kitchen and use for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

    Care for Product:
    Please hand wash to give your coconut bowl a long and happy life! You may also like to give your bowl a coating of raw, Fair Trade
    coconut oil every so often to avoid any cracking.

    End-of-Life Care:
    We don’t expect that you’ll be needing this info for a very long time! But just in case you decide to use your coconut bowl as a cricket ball or test out what happens if you run it over multiple times with a car (electric, obvs) then here’s the best way to dispose of the remains. Your bowl is 100% natural meaning that you may return it to the Earth and it will biodegrade/compost.

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