Eco Glitter – 3.5g Bottle


UNICORN – No unicorn would be complete without a bit of glitter! Grab a jar of this glitter to perfect your look this festival season!

FROZEN – Going for that ice queen look? We’ve got you sorted with our Frozen glitter!

GOLDEN UBER DISCO BALL – Chunky golden disco ball glitter will have you looking fabulous and dancing into the early hours!

SILVER UBER DISCO BALL – Chunky silver disco ball glitter will have you looking fabulous and dancing into the early hours!

● Biodegradable
● 92% Plastic-free (the only 100% plastic-free glitter out there is non-vegan unfortunately)
● Independently tested to prove it breaks down in the natural environment.
● Passed the official requirements for compostability, adhering to European (EN13432) and American (ASTM D6400) standards.
● Non-toxic
● Free of heavy metals
● Approved for cosmetic use
● No genetically modified materials or materials obtained from genetically modified organisms.
● Vegan
● Cruelty-Free


  • WHO


    After discovering glitter was a microplastic in the summer of 2016 Sophie was determined to find an alternative. She found a company called Ronald Britton Ltd who were manufacturing their newly developed biodegradable alternative made from a modified regenerated cellulose film, Bioglitter ® . This glitter was fairly unheard of with just a couple of companies globally purchasing from them and selling to end users. The companies were selling in plastic pots, which seemed absolutely crazy to her. So, this is how the idea of Eco Glitter Fun was born. Eco-friendly glitter in plastic-free packaging. They also use eco glitter to begin the discussion on more serious plastic pollution and consumption topics.




    1. Glass bottles from Yiwu city of Zheijang, China
    2. Bamboo brush from Longgang District, Shenzhen, China
    3. Aloe Vera sourced from Nurifi in Central South America
    4. Aloe Vera gel manufactured in London, UK
    5. Recycled cardboard and veg inks sourced and manufactured in Pontypridd, Wales
    6. Modified regenerated cellulose film manufactured in Rochdale, UK
    7. Distributed by the lovely team in Reading, UK

  • WHAT


    ● Glass bottles
    ● Modified regenerated cellulose film

  • HOW


    Directions of Use:
    Use a small brush and pot of gel to cover the area of your face (or beard!) that you want to glitter
    up. Then dip your brush in your chosen glitter and press onto the gelled-up area.

    After use, we recommend removing the eco glitter prior to sleeping with soap and warm water to avoid any irritation. Can be used for face, beard or craft decorations

    Care for Product:
    Ensure you always close lids properly to avoid any upsetting spillages. Store in a cool, dry place.

    End-of-Life Care:
    Once you’ve used up all of your glitter, the glass bottle can be washed out and reused to store on-the-go salt and pepper for your lunch, homemade perfumes or simply recycled – after all, glass can be recycled an infinite amount of times!

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