Our Mission

From talking with friends and family, we understand the general idea is that people would love to shop ethically if they can, but just don’t know where to go. We hope that by curating a space of amazing brands, you will have easy access to everything you need to live a more conscious lifestyle.

One of the most common issues that tends to be raised when it comes to shopping ethically is that it is at such a higher price point! Although we work our best to curate brands with as low a price point as possible, ultimately, we, as consumers, have to change our perception on value. Paying slightly more to ensure the workers throughout the supply chain are paid a fair living wage and are protected against mental and physical abuse is a small thing to ask.

And lastly, education. We hope that through our constant research and learning, we can share with you the latest news and tips on living a low-impact life through our social media channels and blog. We hope in the future to hold workshops and events that can inspire more people to take care of our planet.

Behind the Name

AUBE is the French word for dawn. The concept behind the name is that we believe we are witnessing the dawn of a new sustainable era and it’s time to wake up! Something we get asked quite a bit is “How do you say it?”. Don’t worry, everyone seems to say AUBE differently! We’ve had oh-bay, oh-bee, orb and more! The correct pronunciation is more like oh-b, but hey - we don’t mind how you want to say it!


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Meet the founders!

Hi! It’s George and Emily, founders of AUBE. The concept of AUBE came about in August 2018 when we decided to put our fascination with sustainable living and our sibling super powers to good use and finally launched after a lot of hard work in July 2019. Both outraged by the consequences our actions can have on both the planet and the people on it, we started AUBE to make a difference, raise awareness around social and environmental issues and provide perfect alternatives!

Emily comes from a fashion communications background, specialising in ethical fashion and earned a position in the Kering Award for Sustainable Fashion finals back in 2018. George mixes things up, studying Mechanical Engineering with Clean Energy and has worked on multiple social enterprise projects such as the start-up of charity, Say No to Poverty.

AUBE Commitments

TRANSPARENCY - We work with brands who share our values on honest, open and transparent supply chains. Check out our traceability maps on each product page!

VEGAN - We do not condone the exploitation of or cruelty to animals and therefore all of our brands are and will forever be, vegan.

CRUELTY-FREE - You’ll be glad to know, we only work with brands who have a zero tolerance for the mistreatment and exploitation of animals.

CO2 NEUTRAL - With a carbon neutral delivery service and an awareness of our brands’ carbon footprint, we are committed to avoiding all unnecessary emissions and support green energy transition.

INCLUSIVITY - We open the AUBE metaphorical doors to anyone and everyone without prejudice or discrimination.

AFFORDABILITY - We know it’s important to keep our price range affordable. Without sacrificing our values, we believe our price range is fair.

CHEMICAL-FREE - Avoiding the use of harmful, toxic chemicals is good for both you and the environment.

FAIRTRADE - As a small company, it is outside of our financial means to certify as Fairtrade, but we assure you that our brands share our values on what a fair living wage is and align with human rights laws.